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Tulum Fashions brings the heat, passion and colors of Colombia to the world. We search, select, support and develop talent throughout Colombia, from fabrics and artists to fashion designers and master seamstresses. When you dress in Tulum, you enter Colombia.

Tulum Fashions is sold wholesale, as a full-package private label, and in select Resortwear stores for men, women, children, and fashion-forward professionals.

About us

Tulum Fashions is a Colombian company that seeks to empower local talent. We are a manufacturing team that believes in social commitment and that aims to spotlight the talent of clothing brands around the world.

We exist as a platform for Colombian Fashion and global artists, and a fashion engine for Global Development through MDM Certification.

Colombian families directly receive 80% of all proceeds from Tulum Fashions.

  • MDM Certified, we pay 150% market wage, full employee health and pension benefits, offer stock ownership, no-interest loans, and free clothing.
  • We operate at the highest level of safety and quality, and strictly follow labor laws.
  • MDM Certified, we offer recycled fabrics, re-sell trimmings to avoid landfill and minimize waste and water usage.
  • MDM Certified, we comply with OSHA requirements, GAAP financial audit compliance, and all applicable US and International Laws.

Our Locations

Medellin - Colombia

Calle 57 #43-47 Downtown
+57 (304) 603-6273

Miami - Florida

+1 (949) 690-1842