What is Full Package Manufacturing?

What is Full Package Manufacturing?

Full Package Manufacturing is a service that covers each of the stages in the development of a fashion collection, or in the development of specialized clothing requests for different industries: hotel & turism, security, health, construction, and many others.

This service offers a consistent solution for big companies that need a strategic ally that can take care of the development chain of a new collection, as well as for small and medium companies and entrepreneurs who do not have the necessary infrastructure or prefer support from and specialized company to respond to market expectations.

At Tulum Fashion we are committed to offering a service that takes your brand to the next level. Our Full Package Service is composed of:

-Market research and Coolhunting
-Development of brand identity (Branding)
-Design and pattern
-Development of samples
-Manufacturing of large volumes (we respond to your needs)
-Logistics (inventory storage and distribution at points of sale)


Full Package Services

This entire chain is supported by a multidisciplinary team that focuses on closely accompanying our clients throughout the process.



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