Our Statement -Tulum Fashions

Our Statement -Tulum Fashions

Currently, humanity faces challenges of unprecedented magnitude: pandemics, overpopulation, global warming, inequality, populism and polarization, racism, homophobia, war threats, and many others. Some of these situations have existed since the very beginning of human civilization.However, at this moment in the development of human civilization, all of us: ordinary people, governments, and in our case, companies, must see ourselves in the responsibility of acting with awareness and commitment in the field in which all of us work day to day.

It is from this awareness where Tulum Fashions build its value as a company f


that Tulum Fashions is conceived as a company that recognizes the impact that it can have and is committed to potentiating the positive benefits in the environment, in people and in its employees, and in minimizing the side effects that can exists naturally in their daily practices.

-Commitment to the environment

-LGTBQ+ & Black Lives Matters 


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